Mr. Munchies (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

As I have become increasingly busy – due to my commitments as an instructor, my writing, my work related to sports, and my being on the radio, to name a few things – I haven’t had much of a chance to update this site. I have, therefore, been seeking help from “guest posters” among my circle. Here’s a guest post from food writer/blogger Franco Salzillo.

Have you ever wondered where can you get all that delicious food that floods your Instagram wall? The trendy avocado toasts, the exotic all-natural smoothies, those delicious, carefully arranged bowls of fruit and granola, or the perfect bagel? If you’re ever down in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, I’ve got the answer for you. Hidden in a back street, away from the touristy feel of the 5th avenue, you’ll find, with some luck, Mr. Munchies.


Mr. Munchies is a small eatery of four tables. A few young girls manage the place, committed to making a change in the world through food. There are no plastic straws here, and no sugary drinks. Just good, honest, trendy food that’s both beautiful and tasty.

The place is homey. Wooden tables, probably made from reclaimed materials, chalkboards on the walls that display both: girly art and daily specials. There are an open kitchen and a counter. There’s nothing fancy to see here, a trendy place indeed.


Ask for a smoothie, made from the fresh, tropical fruit the Caribbean is known for, or quench your thirst with a colorful mason jar of fruit-infused water. I had the mango and chaya smoothie, and plain water infused with red berries, but there are over twenty colorful smoothies to choose from.



Then there’s the food: omelets, waffles, wraps, and sandwiches of various types fill a one-page oversized menu. But for me, it’s all about the avocado toast. After all, I have 150 Instagram followers to please!


A toasted slice of artisan bread holds a carefully arranged fan of avocado, topped with an over easy and a few crunchy strips of bacon. Natural potato wedges on the side seasoned with black pepper and paprika. Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? It’s glory.

Many other dishes are just as good. Experts say omelets are the kind of dish that truly shows the technique and expertise of a chef; If this is true, I can tell you there’s no amateur behind this stove. After several visits, I can say they haven’t had a single miss.

I have felt awkward taking pictures of my food before, but here, it’s part of the business model. You even get free coffee for posting your meal online. But don’t get me wrong, there are no gimmicks here. This food is made with love, and you can taste the passion. I’m glad I found Mr. Munchies and I definitely plan to become a regular. Are there places like this in your town?

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