Fresh Fusion (Davie, Florida)

As I have become increasingly busy – due to my commitments as an instructor, my writing, my work related to sports, and my being on the radio, to name a few things – I haven’t had much of a chance to update this site. I have, therefore, been seeking help from “guest posters” among my circle. Here’s a guest post from fellow writer Jamie B.

When you’re on an organic (or at least non-GMO) diet, it’s almost impossible to find somewhere to eat on the go, or to find somewhere to enjoy a meal with friends. Most places are either using GMO foods, or cooking with oils that are. That’s why I was happy to discover a small café in Davie, Florida, called Fresh Fusion.


Fresh Fusion sits in a shopping plaza off of University Drive, beyond Stirling Road. I discovered this gem a little while back, thanks to a friend. The staff here is welcoming and treats you like a friend. If you come somewhat regularly, they get to know you and your typical order quickly. It’s a small, comfortable space, but my husband and I have usually been able to find at least one open table to sit at whenever we’ve gone.

The atmosphere is nice, and I’ve actually used my time there to enjoy a meal or snack when I write or get some editing in. The place is decorated with nice wall art and other earthy touches that fit the name and mission of the café.

As for the food? I love it. My normal go-to is the BLT Grilled Cheese Panini (although I prefer to get it without cheese), but for my recent visit, I decided to get the Chicken Club Panini. This sandwich is served on Sourdough bread, and includes chicken, turkey bacon, spinach, tomato, avocado, and grilled onions. The bacon was crisp, the chicken was tender, and the avocado gave it a nice flavor that seemed to overpower the other ingredients, but I still detected hints of the rest. This is one I would definitely try again.


They also carry a variety of wraps, omelettes, Acai bowls (these are amazing!), grain bowls, side dishes, and more. Each sandwich comes with a choice of tortilla chips or a side salad, and they give complimentary glasses of alkaline water.


If there is anything I’ve warn about, it’s that it can get a little noisy when the blenders are going, and you order and pay at the counter when you come in. They keep a bunch of menus there to choose from. Overall, it’s a nice place to get a meal and enjoy some nice vibes.


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