Mushroom Super Swiss Burger (Triple O’s)


As a writer, it’s important for me to have a routine versus being all over the place. Hence, I have been eating/consuming beverages at essentially the same places for months because I want to be focused when I am writing. I need to be in that “zone.”

And so, I haven’t been trying out new places. I’ve basically been going back to the same places as I seek that writing “groove.” That’s why there have been “re-visits” over the past few months and not much in terms of new and exciting places that I’ve been checking out.

I’m more of a sports writer than a food blogger. I guess you can say I like food but I like sports more. Also, I’ve been busy with my teaching jobs and also being on the radio making guest appearances on TSN 1040 (for a baseball show).

So, that’s life.


Today, I do want to discuss Triple O’s specialty burger from the last couple of months, the Mushroom Super Swiss Burger.

It was delicious and available only for a limited time (and no longer at the moment), and I remember the juicy grilled mushrooms along with the two slices of Swiss cheese with the beef patty.

I had it with a side of salad. It was a terrific meal.

Triple O’s (by the CBC building) is one of those quiet places that I come to sometimes for my writing. It’s nice and cozy – definitely a great place especially in the mornings on the weekends.

And a great place for specialty burgers!


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