Update: Book almost done

Here’s a quick update: No, I haven’t abandoned this site. I’ve been busy for months finishing my baseball book The 1988 Dodgers: Reliving the Championship Season.

The manuscript was supposed to be due on November 1st, but I’ve asked for an extension since the 2017 Dodgers are still playing as of now – heading to a seventh game in the World Series on the 1st – and I can’t submit my manuscript until knowing the outcome of the Series.

The reason is prior to 2017, the last time the Dodgers had made the World Series was 1988, the year my book is about. Naturally, the year I’m writing this book is the year they’re back in the Series – going to a seventh game too! If they win Game Seven, parts of my manuscript will have to be re-written. If they lose Game Seven, then I only have to add a couple of lines here and there.

But talk about going to the limit! I’ve also been working on securing photos for the book, editing to make it fit the 115,000-word limit. I’d been at 135,000-plus words early on and now have just gotten under 114,900.

So, that’s the update and that’s why I haven’t posted here recently. Will look forward to resuming on this site once the book is done!


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