Devil’s Elbow Ale & Smokehouse (Beatty St.)


On an NFL Sunday in September, I visited Devil’s Elbow Ale & Smokehouse on Beatty Street right outside Stadium SkyTrain Station in Vancouver.

It was late afternoon – around 4-ish with the late NFL games in the fourth quarter. The place was literally empty, with just the bartender/server and a couple people at the bar chatting with him. It seems like they were friends of someone who worked there. Anyway, the bartender was great with his service.


I ordered their Beef Brisket Plate – which allowed you to pick two sides. I chose salad and sausage gravy (among their 11 choices of sides).



I also had Smoked Chicken Wings later on – after I’d finished the brisket. The place was still empty. I guess Sunday late afternoons aren’t busy at all for Devil’s Elbow. Anyway, the wings came with celery and ranch sauce.



I guess it was good that the place was empty – it meant faster service. But I wonder if it meant people didn’t like this place.


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