Legendary Noodle (West End)

SL and I were downtown and we decided to check out Legendary Noodle at 1074 Denman Street in the West End.


Alas, the tables were mostly for two – and when SL asked the waitress if we could sit at a bigger table, she abruptly replied that we could if we had eight people.

*Sigh* So, we ended up sitting at one of the tiny two-seat tables. It was just past noon but the restaurant was dark. Not ideal at all. SL also made a comment about the chair being uncomfortable.

I suppose if you look at it another way, you could say the restaurant was tiny but cozy. Intimate.

Anyway, we were ready to order and when SL waved at the waitress to take our order, again she was abrupt. The waitress said she had to deal with another table first. No big deal – but I guess the way she answered was kind of unfriendly. I suppose that’s the way she is – that’s just her personality.

And I guess she was the only waitress for the whole restaurant so she was always busy. She did do a great job re-filling my glass with water.

We each had the Beef Broth with Sliced Marinated Beef (C$10), and the dish included spinach, green beans, and broccoli.


We also had Chao Shou (C$6), which was a dish of four lemon chicken dumplings in spicy peanut sauce. My understanding is that this dish is only – or normally – eaten in the southern part of China? Anyway, I’m not sure but I understand it’s popular in a certain part of China but not all.


I would say it wasn’t spicy for me – but I could definitely taste the creamy peanut butter sauce.


I think the food was decent – but again when I eat out with others, I usually am more focused on the conversation and less on the food. I would say the meal was enjoyable.

Had there been more light and had the waitress perhaps been more pleasant, I think our experience would have been that much more better.

And – oh yeah, the table space and chairs too…. But all in all, a good meal.


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