Other Highlights…

Well, due to my busy schedule, I hadn’t had time to update every single visit to new places, and since so much time had elapsed, some of the details have been forgotten – but not the images. So, here are some of those “other highlights”…


These were from Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive and East 5th Avenue in East Vancouver.

Located at 2096 Commercial Drive, Cafe Deux Soleils is open until midnight every day, including Sunday, when I was there with a friend several months back. Their happy hour is every day of the week from 4pm to 6pm, with different specials daily.

I had their Basic Burger and a Hot Chocolate. To be honest, I wasn’t there for the food; I was there because I was meeting up with a friend to catch up. So, the food or hot chocolate wasn’t the priority. Having said that, I thought it was a fine place to hang out, sit back, and relax. We sat at a table in the corner, right by the window/patio area, so we had some privacy but I could also look outside too.

* * * * *

One late afternoon, I was in East Vancouver and wanted to grab a slice of pizza at this place on East 22nd and Nootka. The place, Ragazzi Pizza Co., doesn’t open on Mondays for some strange reason, but they’re open on the other days.

When I looked at the choices they had in the warmer, I changed my mind and opted for Chicken Wings.


It’s pay-when-you-order, so it’s difficult to have to figure out a tip when the debit machine prompts you for that. Oh well.

I recall there being 12 pieces and the chicken being tender.

* * * * *

Speaking of chicken, this next one is from Church’s, with their Garlic Parmesan Chicken… which I found overrated.


* * * * *

Finally, I celebrated my birthday at AllStar Wings & Ribs in downtown Vancouver, and had wings, of course, and a slice of creamy dessert.


Will post more next time!


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