Malone’s Social Lounge and Taphouse (Vancouver)

Jason and I hung out downtown one Wednesday evening, and we were to Malone’s Social Lounge and Taphouse on West Pender.

Jason wanted to order a certain beer listed on the menu, but was told they didn’t have it. He asked about a second beer on there, and again was told they didn’t have it. I think he finally got what he wanted – on his fourth choice.

For food, he had their mushroom burger, while I ordered the Meat Pie Pizza with the half pizza/half salad option (House Salad).


Meat Pie Pizza (half pizza/half salad option) – C$13.50

The pizza was yummy – wish I had had the full pizza without the salad instead. The Meat Pie Pizza had pepperoni, ham, bacon, salami, and mozzarella as its topping.

I also had the PB&J Brownie Sundae, which unfortunately was solid frozen from the middle down.


PB&J Brownie Sundae – C$6.00

Not a fan of the service as it took ages for the server to pop by our booth.


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