Som Tum Thai Restaurant (West Vancouver)


Was at Som Tum Thai Restaurant in West Vancouver (at Marine Drive and 19th Street) for lunch recently, to take advantage of their C$9.95 lunch special.


I had their Pad Khing with beef stir-fried with ginger, bell peppers, green onions, and mushrooms. It was spicy and the dish came with a spring roll, salad, rice, and a small bowl of soup.

I thought the dish was rather small in terms of portion. There weren’t a lot of pieces of beef. So, let’s say you came in hungry, I would guess that you wouldn’t be full from eating this.


I was there at around 12:45 pm, and the place was empty. Near the end of my meal, an elderly couple came in, but other than that, the restaurant was empty.

As for service, the waitress did bring a glass of water at the beginning with the menu, but other than that, she never came to check on you. It’s your typical Asian restaurant without much service.



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