Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant (Re-visit)


Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant on Grandview Highway in East Vancouver had a fire incident back in February this year, and they took a few months off to renovate before re-opening back in October.

Recently, I was there for a late dinner, and ordered their Chicken Yakitori and Spicy Pork Plate.

Yakitori is a Japanese type of skewered chicken, and I would say they were delicious!


The spicy pork was, as advertised, a little spicy. It’s definitely a dish I would order again.



The spicy pork plate came with a small bowl of rice and miso soup.


It was unfortunate to hear about the fire from all those months ago, but it’s nice to see this restaurant re-open and doing well again.

The one difference – other than the renovated interior – was that the main flatscreen was now devoted to a mainstream channel like sports. Previously, the flatscreen played just Korean pop songs. There is now a second flatscreen at the back of the restaurant – and that one plays pop songs now.

The staff there is friendly and it feels like a nice, cozy restaurant. Will definitely be back again.



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