Milestones Yaletown


Ahhhh… it’s December. I was invited to attend a company Christmas party last week – but the funny thing is I’m not even on the company payroll (and haven’t been since the end of April).

Anyway, this meal was paid for by the boss, so I didn’t fork out any money for it. And apparently the group had gone to Milestones Robson for the Christmas party a year earlier. … But I wasn’t around at the time. So, it was back to a Milestones restaurant for these guys.


I picked the Moroccan Lamb Sirloin, which was grilled lamb sirloin medallions on a bed of house-made roasted butternut squash purée. I asked for the medium. The meat came out rather red, which surprised some of the people sitting around me.

For me, the order was straightforward. However, it turned out the serving staff made two mistakes when bringing out the items, including the boss’s order. Yikes. (There were 12 of us at the table.)

Overall, I was happy with the food. I mean, again, this was a situation where it was more like a get-together, a chance to socialize with others, instead of trying out food to critique it. Also, the servers did a good job of moving us to another large table when one person in our group suggested giving us a cozier table – so I would say they did a wonderful job in accommodating us.


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