Trees Organic (Various Locations)

I have been to three locations of Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House in recent months, and here’s a quick post about the visits.

It seems that the location on Granville (near Pender) has live music performances regularly. On one visit on a Thursday evening, they had musicians playing and they had to block off a section in the shop to allow access to the washroom in the back.


At the Gastown location (on Water Street), the Chocoholic Cheesecake was, unfortunately, so sweet that I needed to drink about six glasses of water in between bites at the end. It was waaaaay too sweet. Fortunately, there was a self-serve water station by the counter for customers. I really needed all that water. The Japanese staff, on this particular visit, was also very friendly too.



Also, I did not see any electrical outlets where I sat, so instead of using my computer, all I did was draw pictures/comics while I was eating the waaaay-too-sweet cheesecake. (It didn’t help that I ordered a hot chocolate too. Everything was too sweet.)


Finally, at the Yaletown location (Richards and Pacific), the Chocoholic Cheesecake there was NOT too sweet – I know because I’ve had it twice at Yaletown and they did not make me feel sick. The slices I had at Yaletown were definitely fine.

I’ve also had their Samosas (with salad and hot sauce) and other cheesecake slices such as Sin and New York, and they were all pretty good. The staff there is usually friendly too.




If I remember correctly – and this has been a long time now – the one below was the Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake. I recall it was very creamy – but not sweet. It had dark chocolate sauce/syrup with it.


All in all, Trees Organic is a good coffee place for cheesecake – and also a good spot if you need to sit down and relax with a hot beverage.


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