Damso Modern Korean Cuisine


On Friday afternoon, I stopped by Damso Modern Korean Cuisine (867 Denman Street) in the West End for lunch.

It was just before 1:00 p.m., and it was pretty empty, with just one table being occupied. But shortly after I ordered, more people came in. Before long, the place was packed!


I ordered the Korean Taco (C$2.75 each), which was a tortilla with beef, lettuce, onions, and gochujang chili sauce, and Korean Miso Stew (C$8.99), which was Korean miso soup with beef, tofu, onions, and zucchini.


The stew came out first, and the soup was very sweet and delicious. This particular dish was served with rice and a side dish of kimchi. There was a generous portion of meat in the soup, so it was wonderful!


The taco came out a few minutes later. Though the chili sauce can’t be seen in the picture, it was definitely there as it dripped out onto my hand as I was eating the taco.


Overall, the food was great. However, the waitress wasn’t particularly friendly…but whatever… I think it’s probably worthwhile to come back and check out other items on their menu if I’m back in the West End again some time.



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