The “One-and-Done’s” (Various)

IMG_2039[2].JPGFor places that I’ve gone to just once – and will not go back anymore – sometimes there just isn’t a need to give each establishment its own separate post. Sometimes, it’s better to just combine all of them into one neat, little “One-and-Done’s” post – just like this one.

* * * * *

Hanging out with P. can be tricky, because P. wants to eat only Asian/Chinese food. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Everybody is entitled to his/her own tastes and preferences. However, it seems every time we hang out, P. complains that there’s “nothing to eat downtown” or “oh my God, downtown has no good food places.”

I mean, that’s only because P. just wants to eat Chinese food. (Yes, I’m sure we could just hang out at a coffee shop to sit and talk – something I don’t mind doing – but P. also doesn’t like to do that but instead prefers a meal. And no, I’m not throwing P. under the bus here; I’ve already expressed my thoughts about this in a very cordial manner with P.)

So, earlier in October, we went to Broadway to check out Asian cuisine. We decided to stop at this place called Peaceful Restaurant (532 West Broadway #110), which has four different locations and offers Northern Chinese traditional food.


I ordered the Beef & Seasonal Vegetables, which came with minced garlic and light soy sauce. Personally, I found the meat to be rather chewy and the veggies to be hard. And the dish was pricey too – C$13.95 – and didn’t come with rice. Needless to say, I didn’t order rice because I don’t need rice for every meal.


Overall, nothing special. I’ll even go so far as to say that it was mediocre. The only positive? The waitress served us with water at the beginning and was able to give me cold water – though they didn’t have any ice.

A one-and-done visit.

* * * * *

Next up, a place called Kaide Sushi Bar located at 1375 Richards Street downtown, near the Yaletown-Roundhouse SkyTrain stop. One thing to note about Kaide is that they’re closed on Sundays and Mondays.


I decided to try something called the Rising Sun (C$14.00), which was sushi rolls with sockeye salmon, scallops, ebi, avocado, asparagus, and tobiko.



The staff was very friendly, and the food didn’t take long to come out, but I don’t normally eat sushi so I guess it’s not something that I would order regularly. It was good, but for me a bit pricey. But like I said, the staff was very nice and helpful.

Another one-and-done stop.

Will update more next time!

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