AllStar Wings & Ribs (West End)


As mentioned previously, Thursday Night Football means a chance to eat out and watch the football game.


The good thing at AllStar Wings & Ribs (808 Bute Street at Robson, 2nd floor), as I found out when I sat at a booth by the entrance, is that there’s a flatscreen TV mounted at the wall of each booth! That’s marvelous! Of course, there are larger flatscreens up top on the walls at various spots too, like other normal establishments.


Happy Hour is from 3-6pm (and 9:30 to closing), so I was able to take advantage of their cheap menu.


Though it was just me (solo), I wanted to try their Tex Mex Fries and $7 Wings. Even though their wings come in all sorts of flavours, you can only get their so-called “Top 5” house flavours during happy hour, which are your standard ones. I picked Salt & Pepper.


Oh, by the way, during happy hour the Tex Mex Fries are C$6 but the regular price is… hmm… I think C$7.99? Unfortunately, the picture I took of the regular menu got cut off at the wrong place, haha. Oops.





I mean, Thursdays are an excuse to eat out because of football (in my opinion). The TVs at each booth… that’s obviously a nice touch. The food was just what you would expect. Overall, a good experience.

The only problem, of course, there was too much food left over because I was by myself. Oh well…




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