Ebi Ten (Robson)

After finishing up some business on Tuesday evening, I grabbed a quick bite at Ebi Ten, a Japanese fast food place on the south end of Robson Street (388 Robson) in downtown Vancouver.


I had their Mega Bowl (C$9.75), which included tampura and mapo tofu with Teriyaki chicken and rice.

Though the place was tiny, there were several tables for customers to eat in, and that was what I did. It wasn’t too busy at the time I visited – thankfully – and I was glad to have a table and also have the food prepared fairly quickly.

Overall, the food was tasty and came at a decent price, so I was satisfied with the order.

This actually wasn’t the first time I’d been to Ebi Ten. Back in late May, I had also been there for take-out, but didn’t have time to post anything then. It was rice with beef and veggies – I did take a picture, as shown below.


I recall I enjoyed that dish back then too. As I recall, at that particular time in May, I was simply looking for a quick bite as I was busy that afternoon.

I mean, Ebi Ten isn’t my first choice, but I suppose I could see myself going back there if I wanted some Asian/Japanese food served fast.


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