Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria (Robson)


Was hungry when I was downtown recently, so I checked out Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria on the south end of Robson Street (near the Vancouver Public Library).


I ordered two slices of their Classic Pepperoni for C$3.50 each.

There’s a seating area for guests to sit and enjoy their pizza, and also a self-service water station in the corner where you could get a glass of water for free.


You can see this classic brick wall layout with the “Broo-Klyn” in lights across from where I was sitting. A neat place for sure.


I found the pizza really greasy, but I must admit it was fresh. I thought too that the cashier wasn’t particularly friendly, which is an important element here because I would think you should interact with the customers and be friendly/engaging with them for a pizzeria like this one. Perhaps I was expecting too much.

Anyway, good pizza but very greasy. Cool setting. Should be a good hangout place if you’re with a few friends. That’s what the trio at the table next to me were doing. A couple of them brought in drinks from another place and sat down, while their friend got a couple slices of pizza and they sat at that table and talked for a while.

Would I come back? Perhaps. Some time. Not anytime soon, though. If I happen to have a pizza craving and I’m in the area…..


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