The Slocan (3rd Visit)


The National Football League (NFL) season began on Thursday night, and I’ve made it a personal “tradition” to eat out and watch the game (by myself) for the last couple of years.

For this year’s opening Thursday night game, I was at The Slocan for my third visit. Previously, I had been to The Slocan in November of 2014 by myself, and then back in April 2016 with a friend.


At The Slocan, you seat yourself instead of waiting to be seated. Well, I sat down for quite a few minutes before a server brought me their menu. She was friendly, though, so it was no big deal. Besides, I was not in a rush.

This time, I went for the Chicken Souvlaki, which was served with rice and Greek salad for C$16.95. I also had a glass of water.

A few minutes after I ordered, I had to make a business phone call. By the time I hung up, 24 minutes had gone by (I saw when I hung up the phone that the call took 24 minutes). But there was still no food! Right after I hung up, the server came by to apologize that there had been some computer issue so none of the food orders had gone through for about 10 minutes. She had wanted to let me know earlier but didn’t want to interrupt my phone call. She offered to provide me with a drink for free of charge because of the inconvenience. I simply asked for a Coke.


The food finally came shortly after, and it was delicious. Unfortunately, I made a mess on the table because I obviously didn’t know how to use a fork and knife properly! There was a slice of toast provided, which was a nice touch. The chicken was tender. The sauce was tasty. The football game was on. The (free) Coke was nice and cold. Overall, a nice experience.

And oh, I notice they also gave me a discount because of the delays…which again was not a problem as it allowed me to watch more of the football game. (Alas, Denver, the bad guys, won the game over Carolina.)


Would I come back to The Slocan? I suppose so. This was my third visit and I have not been disappointed – delays with the food or not.


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