Book Kyung Ban Jeom (Robson)

I met up with SC on Tuesday evening and I asked him to take me to a Korean restaurant – since he’s Korean (well, Canadian immigrated from Korea) and I normally just eat at a pub on my own. Just wanted a change of pace, so to speak.

SC decided on Book Kyung Ban Jeom on Robson (1638 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC), which is a small cozy Korean restaurant that was fairly busy when we were there.



SC went with black bean sauce noodles, while I picked their Bi Bim Bap, which I knew was “mixed rice” that’s served warm with veggies and beef. As it said on the menu, it’s “assorted vegetables and beef on a bowl of rice served with special spicy chili sauce on the side.”


The food came out pretty quickly – but I had a couple of issues with mine. First of all, the rice tasted cold. From what I understand about bi bim bap, the rice is supposed to be served warm. Mine was not warm at all – it was cold.

The second issue I had was that the portion was tiny. Overall, the food wasn’t the best. As for this “special chili sauce on the side” that was mentioned on the menu, I thought that the chili sauce provided was just some generic bottle of chili. I wouldn’t say it was special in any way.


I don’t think SC enjoyed his noodles much – he kept speaking in Korean to the waitress and they brought him more noodles. Obviously, I had no clue what they were talking about but I guessed he might have complained about the portion. He speaks English fluently, but when I asked him about his interaction with the waitress, SC was rather vague so I didn’t push him for more info.


Would I come back to Book Kyung? Definitely not on my own. I mean, the place was busy when we were there, so obviously it’s a fairly popular place. I just wasn’t a fan of the bi bim bap that I was served.

EDIT: Oh yeah…I forgot to mention… The service was good in the sense that the waiter/waitresses came by often enough to give us refills for our iced water.


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