Let’s Eat Healthy Stuff…

When you work at the ballpark (almost) daily as I do, you encounter all sorts of ballpark food. So, to ensure that I have some healthy food too, I also go out of my way to grab a salad here and there. I got these from Nesters Market. 

Now, at the ballpark, they do serve food – hotdogs (and sometimes burgers, wraps, and chicken strips) are brought up for every home game. Of course, we’re welcome to go to the concession stands and purchase other food too, which I have done a few times. But you get sick of ballpark food especially if you consume it every day.

So, at times I would sneak in a Greek Salad from Nesters…



Or a Kale Salad



Or a Spinach Salad



They’re all C$6.99 each, and naturally I was sometimes ridiculed by my peers about “paying too much” for these salads. But I do like to eat healthier sometimes, and I must have snuck in these salads for about half of the games during the final two months of the season!

And oh… sometimes I put in some hotdogs onto the salad, which one of the visiting broadcasters in the pressbox thought was genius of me to do so!



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