Speakeasy on Granville (Vancouver)


Speakeasy Poutine – C$10.95

For some reason, I haven’t posted this particular visit until now – but this one happened over three months ago.

I was at Speakeasy on Granville (921 Granville Street, Vancouver) with a large group – but I was feeling very sick that day and only got a poutine.


My friend told the server that I was the “designated driver,” so I got a complimentary Coke for that. I’ve read many negative reviews about this location before, but personally, I’ve got no complaints. I was so sick that I hardly spoke to anybody and just ate the poutine, and my eyes were glued to the college basketball games that were on the multiple flatscreens.

Would I return to Speakeasy on Granville? Possibly. But again, there are many places to check out downtown – and even on Granville Street itself – so it wouldn’t be my first choice. Let’s just say I didn’t encounter a negative experience so I’m open to it in the future.



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