Anda Miro Korean Bistro (Vancouver)

Anda Miro Korean Bistro, located on Kingsway (around Slocan) in Vancouver, is a Korean/hot pot restaurant that’s open daily except on Tuesdays.

Personally, I enjoy the food at Anda Miro, but a Korean friend who saw these photos told me that the bulgogi dishes didn’t have the sauce/juice that normally comes with authentic Korean dishes. (He proceeded to show me photos of what authentic Korean bulgogi dishes looked like, with the nice juice that’s at the bottom.)

Anyway, here are some of the highlights:


That’s the Beef Bulgogi (C$10.95), which very thin slices of tender boneless beef marinated in their barbecue sauce. Very tender and tasty – but again, my friend mentions an authentic Korean dish would have had the juice at the bottom. This, he told me when I showed him the photo, was too dry.


This would be their Beef Stone Bowl (C$8.95), which has a variety of veggies including mushroom, and egg.


Here’s their Chicken Wings (C$5.95, small), which comes in small and large sizes. The small comes with seven pieces, while the large is 14 pieces at C$10.95.


Next, their Pork Bulgogi (C$10.95), which again apparently wouldn’t be good enough in the eyes of Koreans, as my friend would say, because it was too dry. If I hadn’t talked with my friend about this, I would have given it a pass because the pork pieces were again very tender and delicious.


Finally, here’s their L.A. Galbi (C$10.95), which is beef short ribs with bone marinated in sauce. I thought the flavour was tasty.

Oh yeah, all of these dishes (except the chicken wings) came with rice, and traditional Korean side dishes were served too.


Would I stop by Anda Miro (2568 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC) again? I would say definitely – even without the juice.




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