The McTasters (McDonald’s)

(This post was originally published on my other food blog, Let’s Grab a Burger.)


McDonald’s came up with The McTasters several months back – The Greek McTasters (Beef patty) & The Italian McTasters (Junior Chicken patty) – and while they are very affordable (at C$2.99 plus tax), they’re also very unhealthy – according to a report published in the Metro in early February.

According to the report, one of these McTasters contains the same amount of sodium as 6.5 small servings of New York Fries! Yikes!

Here’s one of The Greek McTasters that I had a while back.


And The Italian McTaster…


Yes, while they’re certainly delicious, remember how much sodium one of these things contains! When I referenced this information to the manager at one of the local McDonald’s, his response was a nonchalant effort like the following:

The Greek McTaster has 330 Cal compare to a small order of fries at NY Fries of 430 Cal.  I guess it all depends on what you crave.

Anyway, I can’t say I’ve craved a McTaster that much after reading the article…



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