Even more pizza…

(This was originally posted on my other food blog, Let’s Grab a Burger.)

Here was some pizza that I had at the Boston Pizza on Richmond’s No. 3 Road back in January. This was the Spicy Chicken & Bacon Pizza as part of their $10 All-Star Picks menu. (Not sure if they still have it at the moment…)

This pizza came with sweet Thai chili sauce, pizza mozzarella, tender chicken, bacon, and red peppers.


You could have a choice of soup, fries, and salad as the side for free, but I opted for theCactus Cut Potatoes for an extra C$2.50. The cactus cut potatoes were a bit spicy and very much worth the extra price!

Next up, Riya’s on Dunbar and West 28th, which is essentially for pick-ups only. The place is tiny and there are only a couple of window seats, though the owner has a TV there for sports. They have the usual pizza place items such as chicken wings and other sides. I had a couple of slices on two separate visits back in December.


Will post more pizza pictures if I have any more!


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