Pizza, Pizza, Pizza…

Here are some recent visits to pizza stores/establishments, dating back to the last three months.

First up, the newly opened Pizza Garden located under the Aberdeen Station in Richmond. Of course, the franchise itself has existed since 2011, but the Richmond store came some five years later. Anyway, Pizza Garden calls itself Greater Vancouver’s “only authentic Neapolitan restaurant.”


If I recall correctly, it was C$5.99 for two slices and a pop. The pizza was good, but nothing extraordinary. Would I go back? Sure. Have I been back? Well, I think this (first and only) visit was back in January or February, and I haven’t been back since. We’ll see.

Next up, FreshSlice, where I had a specialty pizza slice and an order of wings. This one was their garlic chicken pizza, which was part of their “feast” pizza – meaning an extra 50 cents per slice.



The guy didn’t give any dipping sauce for the wings – even though in other locations I’ve been given sauce without having to ask. Oh well.

Now, Pizza Hut during Super Bowl 50:



The game was a dud, and so was the service. And you can include the pizza too. The server couldn’t be bothered to check in even once during my meal. No extra napkins were offered even though wings were ordered (salt & pepper).

The pizza was perhaps my own fault. I ordered a personal sized Cheesy Poutine Pizza (for C$5.29), but it was a horrible idea. The product itself was horrible; whoever came up with this concept should be ashamed with himself. It’s disgusting seeing burnt fries sticking out of pizza. If Pizza Hut had shown a photo of this item on the menu, I wouldn’t have gotten it. Totally not what I had expected. You’d expect at least a more poutiney product – since it’s called “Cheesy Poutine.” Horrible, horrible, horrible.


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