Steak and Mushroom Pizza/C$10 deal (Boston Pizza)

I wanted to catch the ending of the Green Bay-Arizona playoff game on Saturday, and decided to do so at Boston Pizza and also check out their $10 All-Star Picks menu, where they had 10 items for C$10 apiece.


I chose the Steak and Mushroom Pizza, but also added their Cactus Cut Potatoes for an extra C$2.50. It was a Saturday night and the lounge area was packed, so the order took a little longer. But that was fine – that meant I could watch the game!



The cactus cut potatoes were a tad spicy, but very yummy. The pizza was okay; it was just what you’d expect and nothing extraordinary.

As for the game, it went into overtime and as soon as the game ended, about half the people in the lounge area headed for the exits. By that time, I was waiting for my bill and ready to leave too.

Overall, a good meal. The C$10 price was definitely a great selling point to get people in for a bite with their friends and watch some sports on their big screens.


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