Il Nido

S.C. recommended going to Il Nido on Thurlow (and Robson), so we went there last Tuesday evening for a meal and to catch up.


I went with their Lasagne, which was their home-made baked lasagna with beef and mozzarella. If I remember correctly, S.C. had one of the spaghetti dishes.

While we were waiting, we were served some complimentary bread and water.



The lasagna tasted great, but just like in other restaurants it was a small dish for a hefty price. S.C. said the same about the spaghetti.

Oh, when S.C. and I first entered Il Nido, there were a whole bunch of people standing at the front chatting – a big group there for what I presume was a Christmas party – and one of those people was my ex-boss. I waved and gave him a little wink, but he ignored me. Oh well, it is what it is.

I would say that Il Nido is high-end Italian restaurant/cafe. The servers were friendly and professional – and professionally dressed too. If not for the loud, noisy group that was there for their Christmas party, then the atmosphere would have been quiet and classy. The establishment is hidden in the back of a courtyard, so it’s very easy to miss.


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