The Moose (Vancouver)

Was downtown on a Tuesday night back in late November, and stopped by The Moose for some cheap wings.

Tuesdays are 25-cent wings at The Moose, and since their food is all reasonably priced (everything is C$5.95), I figured, why not?




I went with the Asian BBQ Ribs and two orders of Chicken Wings. I wanted 10 of the Salt & Pepper and 10 of the Maple Garlic, but the server said it had to be a minimum of 12. I also went with a Coke.






Anyway, I noticed the server wasn’t very friendly; she never once smiled. She wasn’t rude, but just never smiled. I guess you could call her surly? I know for sure I was cheerful but the server wasn’t. She was all serious. Even when she came back to ask how everything was, she wasn’t smiling. I noticed she was the same way with the table in front of me, so I just took it as that’s her personality. No biggie. The main problem I had was that she gave just one piece of napkin even though I ordered two sets of wings.

Also, The Moose takes credit and cash but not debit. There is an ATM by the entrance for customers’ convenience, though.

And, oh, The Moose charges for pop refills, unlike other pubs. The regular price is C$2.95, and I was charged C$1.50 for two refills.


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