Sura Korean Cuisine (Robson)



For my birthday, D.B. and I went to Sura Korean Cuisine on Robson for some Korean dishes.


Unfortunately, we were told it would be a 20-30 minute wait when we got there – but we decided to wait it out. (It turned out to be closer to 40 minutes. Oh well.)


During the lengthy wait, we were able to decide what to order.



Once we were seated, we didn’t waste time and ordered right away. We got the Daeji Galbi (grilled pork spareribs marinated in house sauce), Ssam (green and red leaf lettuce), Japchae (stir-fried potato noodles in sesame oil with beef and mixed veggies), and a couple of rice bowls.



Of course, with most Korean restaurants, they provide you with some side dishes on the house, and Sura was no different. Included was also some salad.


For Koreans, they like to wrap the Daeji Galbi (pork) in the Ssam (lettuce), add a pinch of rice and a dash of sauce, roll everything up, and then eat it in one bite. Yummy! Of course, I tried it this way too. Plenty of flavour for sure!



The Japchae was also really good. There was certainly enough meat for the both of us – and I was definitely full (so was D.B.) and there was plenty of food left.


And oh, it’s great to be trying out Korean dishes in a Korean restaurant. None of that nonsense in Richmond with Korean restaurants being operated by Chinese people – and Chinese words on the menus bigger than Korean words.

Finally, D.B. ordered us both something that she called “Korean dessert,” which was listed as “Rice Punch” on the bill. Tasted sweet!



What: Various Korean dishes (see above)
Where: Sura Korean Cuisine, 1518 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC
How Much: C$54.08 total before tips


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