McWraps & McProblems

(This was originally posted on my other food blog – Let’s Grab A Burger.)

Here’s another post on McDonald’s – and the experiences I had were totally different from the one I’d had at the recent Langley walk-through to find out about their “Create Your Taste.” Let’s just say they were horrible. The experience at the Langley walk-through was definitely a 10 out of 10. These ones were below a “5.”


Well, with the “Monopoly” hype back in October, I decided to try it out for a few days – even though I knew the chances of winning a big prize were slim. Anyway, the Monopoly game pieces were available only for certain items, and I didn’t want to keep buying burgers, so I went with the semi-healthier McWraps.


During one such McDonald’s trip, I was at the Victoria/Kingsway location in Vancouver, and ordered the Sweet Chili Chicken McWrap – with Crispy Chicken.





As I recall, the wrap was fine, but unfortunately, the wifi at this location wasn’t working. This problem was typical of this particular location. There had been times in the past when I wanted to use the McDonald’s app (because of its online coupons) to order some food and yet couldn’t access it because the wifi wouldn’t work. This time, when I ate in and wanted to surf the net, I had to resort to using cellular data to do so. Epic fail for this location for its repeated wifi issues.

* * * * *

On another visit, it was to the one in Richmond across from Lansdowne Mall, on Alderbridge Way. It was also an unpleasant experience.


The problems? 1) I ordered the Sweet Chili McWrap but instead got a Chicken & Bacon. And since I took this one to-go, I didn’t discover the error until after I’d left the premises.

2) Part of the tortilla, or the shell, got stuck on the packaging – not the end of the world, but annoying. It was manageable – and again, not something you expect to happen.





On another recent visit to that location when I simply got a medium drink (to get the Monopoly stickers), the cashier was very nice and friendly, but the person assisting him with the order was not. She brought the paper cup out from under the counter, slammed it on the counter without a smile, and this whole thing just felt to me like it was rude and abrupt. That’s a fail.

* * * * *

The last visit I’d like to discuss took place at the Grandview Highway location.


The McWrap there didn’t get stuck, so that was the good news. But it seemed too “skinny,” if you know what I mean.

Another issue is that the wifi was not working for at least 21 minutes (check the time stamp on the receipt and the cell phone).




And, if you wanted to do the online survey, the URL printed on the front of the receipt wouldn’t get you there. I tried it as an experiment – it did not work. The correct URL is on the back of the receipt. So, I went back and tried to dig up old receipts that I might have kept from that location. I found one from August – two months earlier. Yup, it was still the wrong URL. I made sure I mentioned this fact when I did the online survey.


Finally, speaking of that survey, I gave the “order taker” a low score for unattentiveness. What happened was, and I did point this out on the survey, the guy was standing at the front to greet customers by the self-serve machines. He saw I’d been waiting in line for a while and offered to help me on the self-serve. I asked for a #7 (the McWrap) and he had to go take a look at the menu board. No big deal. So I chatted him up and asked about the “Create Your Taste,” wondering when it might be available at this location. He punched in my order very quickly – kudos to him for that – and abruptly said, “Next year.” I asked him a follow-up question but he either didn’t hear me or simply ignored me, because he went to stand beside the second machine without a word. That’s a fail on attentiveness.

A lot of failures if you ask me – fittingly, I’ll call all of these “McProblems.”


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