Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot (W. Broadway)

D.B. wanted to try Chinese hot pot, so on a rainy mid-October Monday afternoon for lunch we went to Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot on West Broadway in Vancouver. (They also have a location at Richmond’s Lansdowne Mall and another one near Burnaby’s Metrotown.) In fact, this was our 4th choice, but the other three places didn’t open during lunch hour. So, we were “stuck” with Little Sheep. Baaa!


(On the order sheet, we originally wrote “3” for the number of diners but as it turned out, D.B.’s friend couldn’t make it and had to cancel last minute, so we proceeded without her.)

It’s basically C$22 per person plus C$10 extra for the broth flavour – and we went with the “half-half,” original and spicy. For that price – it worked out to be just over C$30.00 per person including tax and tips – we could pick from a huge list of AYCE items.


As you can see, D.B. and I went heavy on meats…





…but of course, we had plenty of veggies too. Though D.B. couldn’t read Chinese, the good thing was that the order sheet included English as well, so she was able to understand what we were ordering. (I should say, too, that even though I can read Chinese perfectly, I’d rather not. I would prefer to read English any day of the week. After all, we’re in North America, aren’t we?)


We also had other items like mushrooms, mutton balls, fish balls, and so on. There were some special items where you had to pay extra (such as beverages), but we opted not to have those.





All in all, everything was delicious. You’re allowed to order two separate rounds of food, and after our first round, I wasn’t full. Naturally, by the middle of our second round, I found that I couldn’t eat anymore. But certainly, the food was delicious.

The place was crowded, but I think it didn’t affect the speed of the service. Plus, it was great to hang out with a friend who enjoyed my company and good food. So, nothing to complain about.

Would we come back? Well, all things being equal, I think I speak for both D.B. and myself that we’d prefer to try other places. After all, there are so many restaurants to try out, why go back to one we’d already been to?

When: Monday, Oct. 12, 2015
What: All-You-Can-Eat Hot Pot
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, 101 – 1788 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
How Much: Just over C$30 per person including tax and tips

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