Hamilton Street Grill (Yaletown)



Met CW at the Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown for lunch recently – it happened to be the day of the Blue Jays’ first playoff game on Thursday, Oct. 8th (haha, they wound up losing to Texas) – and it was pretty quiet there at the time. I mean, I got there just before noon and CW was running late so she got there closer to 12:30 – and the restaurant was kind of empty.



I guess in Yaletown people had a later lunch – and also, haha, no excitement about that baseball team as this was clearly a “Canucks town.”


Anyway, I couldn’t decide between their burgers and salads, so I went with their lunch special of the day. According to the server, it was so good that they were having the same special two days running! It was their Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Pasta in Cream Sauce with Garlic Toast for C$10.00.



I couldn’t finish the pasta – it was decent – but I think it was because I wasn’t that hungry. I’d eaten at around nine so I suppose that’s why. The server dude was friendly and great. Overall, I think Hamilton Street Grill was a nice, quiet place for lunch – especially when it wasn’t busy like when CW and I were there.




What: Grilled Chicken & Mushroom Pasta in Cream Sauce with Garlic Toast (Lunch Special)
When: Thursday, October 8, 2015
Where: Hamilton Street Grill, 1009 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC
How Much: C$10.00


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