Sushi Yoi (Burnaby)


Got a chance to meet up with A.C. after not having time to hang out for the last several weeks. We decided on Sushi Yoi on Rosser Avenue near Brentwood Mall.

A.C. picked the Beef Bento Box (C$8.95), which was also what I ultimately chose.


Sushi Yoi isn’t a big restaurant – it probably has just under 20 tables – and on this evening it was less than half full. The waiter dude was prompt and came by filling our cups with tea, so that was great. As well, there was a flatscreen in the far end – and it being a Monday night the MNF game was on. Because I got there first, I picked the booth table close to the door – one of only two booths in the restaurant.

Once again, because I was more interested in chitchatting with A.C. and finding out what she’d been up to, I didn’t pay much attention to the food. I had no complaints, I guess. The food came promptly and it was what I expected. A decent meal. It also came with Miso Soup.


One thing that both A.C. and I were surprised by was the fact Sushi Yoi served wonton soup – something we found weird when we saw it on the menu. (It is Item #10 on the menu…and an actual picture of it was shown on the right side of the menu, but I didn’t take a photo of that picture.)


What: Beef Bento Box
Sushi Yoi, 1815 Rosser Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5C 6R4
How Much: C$8.95




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