Taiwan Taipei Original Pot (Richmond)


In late August, J.T. and I were in Richmond and we stopped by the Taiwan Tapei Original Pot in the Venezia Place area (near Alexandra and Garden City Road). The first clue of it being a mistake occurred when I saw a sign at the door which said “Cash and Debit only” – which I suppose isn’t the end of the world. It’s inconvenient but not the end of the world. The other thing that I noticed was another sign at the door which read “5:30 PM – 12:00 AM” as their hours. Well, I was waiting for J.T. right outside – he was running late – and it was 5:15, and I noticed customers were already going in. So… they were open earlier than 5:30. As J.T. told me later, TTOP opened at 5:00, not 5:30. Hah! First, they don’t accept credit cards, and then they also couldn’t get their hours right. Lovely!



Neither J.T. nor I knew how to order, so we asked the waitress to explain the procedure to us. (They had this “three-step process” listed on the menu.)


The first real “issue” occurred when she recommended the oysters. J.T. asked if I wanted to order that, and I said no, because I didn’t like oysters and wouldn’t be able to eat more than a piece or two. J.T. said to the waitress that the oysters “looked good,” but since he wasn’t going to eat it all himself, he didn’t want to order it. With the waitress still present, I told J.T. to just order it if he really wanted to try it, but J.T. said no. So, we didn’t order that dish. We went with other items instead, including their Boneless Chicken with the Noodles and some veggies.





Of course, as you’d expect after reading the above, the waitress for some reason brought a dish of oysters to our table. I didn’t protest, but neither did J.T., who would have let her know we never ordered it. He opted to let it go. Anyway, we got charged for that, but if J.T. was okay with it, then I was cool with it because he was the one who was going to eat it anyway. But there was obviously some communication problem where the waitress didn’t confirm we actually wanted this dish – so, I would say she deserves some of the blame too. But anyway.



As for the chicken and the other food, they were delicious. Neither J.T. nor I could argue that. There’s no dispute about that. But for me personally, I do not intend to return to TTOP. Just not a fan of the whole experience. And yes, one incorrect dish brought to our table can do that for ya.



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