Sawasdee Thai Restaurant (Vancouver)


It was time to catch up with A.C. on Wednesday, and we went to Sawasdee Thai Restaurant on Main and East 26th for some Thai food.


I’d called ahead earlier that day to find out if we needed a reservation, and the gentleman suggested that we indeed make a reservation as the place could get packed in the evenings. He wasn’t kidding; by around 6:00 p.m. on this night, there were many diners coming in.

A.C. wasn’t terribly hungry, so she ordered the Thai Spring Roll (C$7.95). It was four pieces of deep fried spring roll stuffed with bean thread noodles and mushroom, served with house sauce. As for me, I went with the Som Tum (C$9.95) – or Papaya Salad – which was fresh green papaya salad, tossed with chili, lime juice, peanuts, and fish sauce.


Thai Spring Roll (4 pieces) – C$7.95


Som Tum – C$9.95

As A.C. noted during the meal, her rolls were a bit too crunchy, and one of them had part of it that was burnt. I would guess she wasn’t a big fan of the spring roll. The salad was okay, and normally I would probably have gone with a more authentic dish, but I also wasn’t very hungry so I ordered something “light.” Oh yeah – I was asked how spicy I wanted the salad and I went the “safe route” by requesting “mild.” Probably should have gone with a spicier flavour.

Though the service was nice and friendly, both A.C. and I agreed that we’d probably try a different place next time. After all, there are so many choices out there, right?


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