Powell Street Festival and Re-visits

During the August 1st long weekend, I was at the Powell Street Festival to check out the Japanese food booths. I’ve posted some pictures and comments about the food that I tried at the event on this site, which is a new blog specifically for burger-type foods.

Here is one picture from the festival, which is the Osaka Balls from the “Osakaball” booth.


Osaka Balls – C$6.00 for seven pieces

These Osaka Balls are popular Japanese dumplings with shrimp and scallop tempura bits, pickled ginger, and green onion. You had a choice of three different types of sauces. I went with the Teri Mayo, which was simply teriyaki sauce and mayo. One of the other sauces was regular, but I can’t remember the third one.

Also, since I sometimes do go back to the same food places because I enjoyed either the service or food items (or both), I’ve set up a different blog that will mainly feature these “re-visits.” Check it out here! That way, I won’t be re-posting about the same establishments on “Let’s Eat Out Once A Week” and can focus on “new” places on this original blog.

Enjoy the posts and the pictures on those two new sites!


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