Wild Sushi (Dunbar)


I was in the Vancouver Dunbar area for some errands back in July, and since it was dinner time by the time I was finished, I stopped by Wild Sushi (near Dunbar and West 27th) for some food.

I had the Tuna Donburi (C$8.50) and Chicken Karaage (C$4.25), but unfortunately, the kitchen took a very long time to bring out the karaage. I know that it usually takes extra long because they have to deep fry the chicken, but I’d never encountered a wait THAT long. At the time, there were only two other tables too, so it wasn’t as though they were super busy.


Tuna Donburi – C$8.50

The tuna donburi was fine, but the karaage actually was worth the wait. It came in six pieces, and each piece was boneless and crunchy. They added a certain spice to the karaage, and the taste actually reminded me of KFC chicken. And oh, the karaage didn’t come with any sauce – not that it made any difference to me. I normally didn’t eat karaage with dipping sauce.


Chicken Karaage – C$4.25

The service, other than the fact the food was slow to come out, was decent. The waitress, a Chinese woman in her 40s, was friendly. (I realized she was Chinese because she was speaking Mandarin to the other staff.) Nothing to gripe about in terms of service.

After tax and tip, the total came to around C$16.00 – a little more than I wanted to spend. But I just couldn’t say no to chicken karaage. Would I return to Wild Sushi? I would say I’d give them another chance if I was in the Dunbar area again.



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