Thai House Restaurant (Richmond)


Neua Pad Katiem (served with soup, a vegetable spring roll, and rice) – C$8.50

I was in the Alderbridge Place area in Richmond one Monday afternoon, and I stopped at Thai House Restaurant for lunch.


When I entered, I was expecting to be greeted but it was an odd encounter. Someone said, “Hello, how are you? How many people?” and I thought the voice came from my left but I looked in front of me and saw nobody. It was like the side wall could talk. I looked to my left thinking it was a wall but it was actually the counter area, which was obscured by some decorative items.

So, basically, the greeter/cashier counter was to your left, and it was like a God spoke out to you asking how you were and how many people. Odd, for me anyway. I had simply expected the left and right were just walls and the counter was straight ahead.

I was seated right away and also given iced water. When I looked through the menu, I decided to go for something on the lunch menu, since Thai House had their lunch special for just C$8.50. My choice was #34B, which was the Neua Pad Katiem, or the Beef with Ginger, Onions, Mushrooms & Green Onions. This item, as with all other items on the lunch menu, came with soup, a vegetarian roll, and rice.


The soup – or, the “starter,” as the waiter called it – came first. Very nice – sweet and sour.


The Neua Pad Katiem came shortly after, and it was marvellous. There was a generous portion of beef – always a good thing! It was delicious. 


It wasn’t busy at all during my visit. It was shortly after 1:30, and there were at most three tables occupied during my time there. For this visit, I thought Thai House was a decent place for lunch. The waiter was friendly to the guests, and the food was good. Not pricey either, especially with the lunch specials. Including tax and tips, it came to just over 10 bucks. And, of course, if you enjoy spicy food, their lunch menu has some of those as well!





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