Pho Tan Vietnamese Restaurant (Vancouver)


Grilled Beef Short-rib on Rice – C$9.25

Visited a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Tan on Main Street and 30th recently on a hot Monday afternoon in Vancouver.

Now, if you’re looking for a deal, you probably wouldn’t come to Pho Tan first because there are at least two or three Japanese restaurants on Main that offer C$5.99 to C$6.99 specials for lunch (before 4 p.m.). Nonetheless, I opted not to go with those and instead came to Pho Tan.


I was seated right away but I was never offered any water, which was a negative point right off the bat. While they had some condiments at each table such as chili sauce, they lacked napkin dispensers and they didn’t have extra napkins at my table. Another point off there if we’re keeping score.


I went with #54 from their menu, which was Com Suon Bo, or Grilled Beef Short-rib on Rice in English. It wasn’t too busy around this time – it was around 3:30 p.m. – but I thought that the wait was very long before my food came. I wasn’t obsessed enough to actually time it, but it felt like a lengthy wait.

I suppose the wait was worth it. The beef was juicy and delicious – and it was nice to be able to have some veggies. I would say the food was excellent, but don’t expect other necessities like water or extra napkins.


Would I come back? Possibly. The wait was ridiculous. But the food was great. I guess that’s the most important point.

Finally, when I went up to pay (thinking that that was the normal thing to do at an establishment such as this one), I noticed they had a portable card machine at their counter. I guess I should have let them bring me the bill – and the machine – instead of me going up there.


Note: I felt sick that night, but I don’t think it was because of the food at Pho Tan. I actually ate quite a few things that day and perhaps it was a combination of everything. Just thought I would mention it as a footnote – but again, I personally don’t think it had anything to do with the food at this restaurant.


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