More Burgers & other fast food (Boston Pizza, Fatburger, Starbucks)

Time to recap more burgers and other fast food from Boston Pizza, Fatburger, and Starbucks.

During the Stanley Cup Finals in early June, I had The Big Dipper (C$14.99) at Boston Pizza as I was watching the game. The Big Dipper was thinly sliced steak on toasted buns with melted pizza mozzarella, braised onions, roasted red peppers, and crispy onion straws. It also came with horseradish dipping sauces.


The Big Dipper with Caesar Salad (Boston Pizza) – C$14.99

As the side, I went with Caesar salad instead of fries. Overall, I enjoyed the meal. Can’t go wrong with most of the sandwiches and burgers at Boston Pizza!




Meanwhile, at Fatburger, I’d also recently had their Boneless Wing Combo (C$12.99) and Chicken Tenders Combo (C$12.99) – on separate days, of course.


I’d never had wings before from Fatburger so I was disappointed to discover that it came with only six pieces. In terms of the spiciness, when I ordered, the cashier showed me a sheet with all the different levels and I picked mild. I also went with honey mustard flavour (I think the other choices available were blue cheese and ranch). The wings were okay, but the fries were dry and fairly ordinary. As for the pop, it was “bottomless” but that’s rather unhealthy!


Boneless Wing Combo (Fatburger) – C$12.99


As for the chicken tenders, I went with their sweet chili sauce. The meat was very tender, the skin was crunchy – very crunchy, in fact. But definitely not something to have frequently. The fries, meanwhile, were again dry and mediocre.



Chicken Tenders Combo (Fatburger) – C$12.99

Finally, at Starbucks one evening, I had their Sausage English Muffin. It wasn’t anything special – simply sausage, egg, and cheese on English muffin – but I just wanted a quick bite to go along with the cold beverage I was having.


Sausage English Muffin (Starbucks) – C$3.95

Will have more food posts again soon! (Perhaps items that aren’t as unhealthy as the ones above…)


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