Blue Bella Pocha Korean Bar (Robson St.)


Chicken Salad – C$12.95


After running some errands downtown back in mid-June, I stopped by Blue Bella Pocha Korean Bar for a quick bite. The establishment was huge, but at the time I was there, there were only two other tables being occupied. Being a Saturday afternoon, I was surprised that it was virtually empty.


Nonetheless, I stayed and ordered the Chicken Salad. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with rice so I ordered a small bowl of that. Alas, to my disappointment, Blue Bella also didn’t serve any banchan (those side dishes that typically come with the meal in any Korean restaurant) either. Oh well.


The salad’s presentation was great, and it consisted of deep fried boneless chicken pieces, veggies, and even raisins, nuts, and egg. The boneless chicken was delicious but I didn’t care much for the egg. Seemed like a healthy choice.


Would I come back to Blue Bella? Probably not. Yeah, overall, I enjoyed the food, but I mean, there are so many other restaurants to try out. With so many choices on Robson, if I’m ever in the area again I would probably try something different. Besides, they didn’t have any side dishes with the meal, and that’s not very Korean at all!




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