The Tipper Restaurant & Review Room


Spring Salad – C$8.00

I stopped by The Tipper Restaurant & Review Room on Kingsway on Wednesday evening for a quick bite, wanting to have an appy or salad. The Tipper offers burgers as well as wings, among other items (such as soup, pasta, and salmon, etc.), but I wasn’t hungry enough for a full meal. So, salad it was.

At The Tipper, guests seat themselves and I found a nice little booth in the left dining area. (The Blue Jays-White Sox game was on in the lounge area but I opted not to hang out there as I didn’t care for either team.) After going through the menu on the table, I decided on the Spring Salad, and just then the server came over with a glass of water and took my order.


The spring salad didn’t take long to come out, and it was a mix of mushrooms, cucumbers, tomato, and their house dressing. It was decent. Nice and fresh, just like salad is supposed to be. Nothing to complain about.

As for the service, let’s just say that I was ignored after my salad was brought over. Sure, the food was served quickly but I was ignored after that. That’s just how it was.

After I was done, I was asked if I wanted dessert, but I wasn’t hungry so I declined. I’m willing to give The Tipper another chance in the future when I have a craving for a burger, but we’ll see. And oh, their breakfast menu goes till 5 p.m., according to the menu, so that’s definitely something else to check out too next time. Maybe even the wings.

One other tidbit: Apparently, The Tipper does not have a website and uses blogspot to post their menu items and events. They’re also known as “The Bottle Tipper” – whatever that’s supposed to mean.



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