The Sloppy & The Bad: Taco Del Mar & Blenz

Still in downtown Vancouver, and still at the Harbour Centre food court, back in early June I ordered some Ground Beef Tacos from Taco Del Mar.


Now, there’s an actual Taco Del Mar location on Granville Street, and I would assume they give great service there – though I’ve never been there. But at this Harbour Centre food court location, the first thing that comes to mind is “sloppy.”

The guy that took the order was very nonchalent in everything he did. And he also told me to be careful because the tacos didn’t stand properly on their own. I mean, he was friendly, but…how do I put it? Well, it was as if his heart rate never got over 70 and if the fire alarm went off in that building, he might be the guy to kick back and read a couple of pages from an Archie comic before debating whether or not to saunter out the door and distance himself from the flames.


Ground Beef Tacos – C$5.99 for two

As for the tacos, they were fairly ordinary. Nothing special. I did manage to make a huge mess because things were dripping onto the food tray. I don’t remember now whether or not there wasn’t any napkins at that Taco Del Mar stand, but I do recall I had to use my own wet wipes to clean up the mess. In any event, I remember I didn’t have any napkins from them and had to use my own.


And then there’s Blenz with their Cold Chocolate nonsense. The Blenz location I went to was on Robson and Seymour, and I made the mistake of ordering a large cold chocolate.

The Blenz cold chocolate was so sweet that it was practically undrinkable. It was disgusting, actually, given how sweet it was. I couldn’t finish it at all.

As for the price, it was cheaper than Starbucks’ Double Chocolatey Frappuccino: C$4.95 vs. C$5.25. But at least Starbucks’ Frappuccino was drinkable. The Blenz cold chocolate was simply disgusting. It was so bad that I didn’t even bother taking a picture. Horrible.


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