My Toan Vietnamese Gourmet (Harbour Centre Food Court)


I was in the downtown Vancouver area one Saturday afternoon back in June, and stopped by the Harbour Centre food court for a quick bite.

I went to the My Toan Vietnamese Gourmet place wanting to have the Spicy Chicken Wings rice (Menu Item A6), only to be told by the clerk that they didn’t have that item. No worries – I got the Lemongrass Chicken (Menu Item A2) instead. You actually had an option of either rice or noodles, and I went with rice.


Lemongrass Chicken Rice – C$7.85


The meal was tasty – nothing outstanding about it but good enough. The one thing, though, was that the cheapie plastic fork and spoon they gave out were, let’s just say, a bit fragile. They weren’t the strong/durable type and so made it difficult to actually scoop the rice or pick up the chicken pieces.

One other comment was that I returned to that same place some three weeks later, also on a Saturday afternoon. I wanted the Spicy Chicken Wings rice, the thing I’d wanted originally. Alas, they again didn’t have it this time (making me wonder if they even have it normally to begin with). I didn’t bother ordering anything during that second visit – since they didn’t have the item that I wanted… again.



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