Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium


It’s summer time, so time for another look at food served at Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium, home of the Northwest League’s Vancouver Canadians!

Because of the work I’ll be doing with them for the entire summer – I’m their “statistician” (how cool is that!?) – I’ll have the opportunity to try different foods served at the ballpark for two months! Yay!

During the first homestand of the season, I purposely got different food for each of the first six days. Here were the highlights:


Chicken Strips with Fries are always a hot-selling item at the ballpark, and these strips were very crunchy and delicious! Having had Fatburger’s Chicken Tenders around the same time, I would say Fatburger’s was better, but you can’t go wrong with Chicken Strips at the Nat. You get three chicken strips with the order and they come with different types of sauces too – I had honey mustard for mine. Since I’m not a fries fan to begin with, I didn’t finish them. These fries were decent but not the best I’d ever had.

I then had the Nachos Grande on the second day, and they were fantastic! The pulled pork served in there was great. Really yummy, and in my opinion a very good portion!



Then, there was Pizza on the third day. The only “problem” that day was that I ordered too quickly and at the time they only had cheese pizza. (This was before the gates opened.) Had I waited a little longer, I would have been able to get pepperoni. Oh well.


But the pizza that I got was good. Not chewy at all. It was very easy to chew, including the crust. (Oh yeah, that’s lemonade that I got with the pizza…)


I also had Poutine and a Chili Bowl as well during that opening homestand. Probably not a good idea to have them both on the same day, but both were really good!




Then, on the fifth day, I got Spicy California Roll. I don’t normally eat sushi, but again, the point here was to try different food items – so why not?


I’m not a sushi fan or expert to begin with, so I wouldn’t know (or care) about the quality/freshness, etc., that people like to talk about. For me, these rolls were decent. I liked them. Perhaps the only issue was that there wasn’t enough soy sauce in that one little package that came inside the box. But then again, it’s probably because I don’t know how to eat sushi properly. Either way, I had no problems with these rolls.



All of these items were gotten in the concourse area inside the stadium. Finally, on the sixth day, I decided to “branch out” a bit and went down to the third-base/left-field section (located by the third-base entrance), and found one of the new items at the ballpark in the summer of 2015. This was the Smoked Brisket Sandwich, found in the section officially known as the “3rd Base Food Court.”



I would say that this smoked brisket sandwich was another winner. It came with some chips on the side (which didn’t do much for me but I guess was a nice touch), and the meat was delicious. I definitely would get it again another day!

There you have it – some food items from Nat Bailey Stadium…. I’ll likely do another post on more ballpark food down the road – and see you at the stadium!


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