Chamnamoo Korean Restaurant


Bulgogi-Dolsot – C$11.95


Chamnamoo Korean Restaurant, located on 88 Avenue in Walnut Grove in Langley, is an establishment that offers traditional Korean dishes. The word “Chamnamoo,” by the way, apparently means “oak tree.”


I was there recently on a Friday afternoon and ordered their Bulgogi-Dolsot, which was marinated beef served in a hot pot. (“Dolsot” means stone pot in Korean, and for me personally, it was refreshing to see Korean words as part of the name of Korean dishes. I speak Mandarin fluently, but I find it annoying in those Richmond “Korean” restaurants where there’s Chinese on the menu. Chamnamoo in Langley, meanwhile, was a refreshing change.)


Typical of many Korean restaurants, Chamnamoo provides side dishes to go along with your meal. And oh, before that, the waitress brought me a bottle of iced water with a glass. When I was near the end of the meal, she even asked me if I wanted more side dishes because I was finished.





The Bulgogi-Dolsot was great. The meat was tender, and unlike other stone bowls I’d had in other Korean restaurants, this one didn’t have the yucky dried rice stuck at the bottom.



The meal was yummy, the service was friendly, … and it seemed like a very cozy restaurant. I would say it was a great visit and experience! 




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