Mexi Cali (Vancouver)

I was in the Dunbar Vancouver area for some errands and stopped by Mexi Cali (on Dunbar and West 28th) for a late lunch. I was drawn in because of the sign outside that read “Authentic Mexican Food.” Well, gotta try it out, right?


Basically, you walk to the counter and order your food, and pay first (including the tips). Then, when your order is ready, they bring it to your table. When I entered, I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I saw the specials that were posted at the counter, including the following:


It’s the Beef Redondo Roll-up with Mexi Fries and Pop (or Slushy Limonada) Combo. It looked pretty good, so I decided to go with it. (Note: As I found out later by checking their website after I left, this item was six bucks including tax at one point recently… because that was the price listed on the site!) I opted for the Slushy Limonada instead of a pop, and it was prepared right away and given to me before I grabbed a table.


Tasty and refreshing on a warm day!

It also wasn’t a long wait for the cashier to bring out the food. She actually brought out the orders for two other tables and then mine, meaning it got quite busy for her with these customers just as I walked in!


I chose to eat the Mexi Fries first because I wanted to use the wrapper to eat the redondo roll-up. I dipped the Mexi Fries in the salsa and sour cream and thought it was actually really good! Really crunchy and crispy. Yummy!


Beef Redondo Roll-up with Mexi Fries and Pop (or Slushy Limonada) Combo – C$7.50

The redondo roll-up was a flour tortilla grilled with cheeses, plus beef, and also pico de gallo (salad containing chopped tomatoes, onions, and other veggies) and lettuce. There was lots of beef! That was awesome!


If this was what authentic Mexican food tasted like – and I’m no expert – I would have to say I was impressed! The staff was very friendly too and the wait wasn’t long. I would say it was a great visit.

Oh, I should say too I came in at around 3:30 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon. Not busy but I think all four tables (including me) came in at about the same time one after the other. I noticed two of the tables paid after they ate, not before. With a lot of food choices in the area, I can see that Mexi Cali might be overlooked on this neighbourhood… but I’m glad I found them.

When: June 2015
Beef Redondo Roll-up with Mexi Fries and Slushy Limonada
Where: Mexi Cali, 4424 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, V6S 2G5
How Much: C$7.50 plus tax and tips (just over nine bucks total)


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