Atlantic McLobster (McDonald’s)

The only comments to make about McDonald’s so-called Atlantic flavour as they introduced the “great Canadian taste adventure,” the McLobster, are that it’s 1) way too tiny, and 2) overrated.


The box itself said that this McLobster was “full of flavour” and contained “great-tasting ingredients.” The website said something along the lines of the McLobster bringing the spirit of the East Coast to you with 100% Atlantic lobster in a soft buttery roll, made the East Coast way, blah blah blah.


I honestly did not see what the big deal was with this McLobster. The sandwich itself was not big at all. The amount of lobster was minimal – you can see in the picture above and compare it to what’s being advertised and you’ll see how the one I got was very subpar. And this wasn’t a tiny food court McDonald’s location. This was a busy downtown McDonald’s with many customers every day, so for them to serve something like this was not acceptable. But as the couple at the next table said to me, “Well, might as well try it since it’s new…” – they had also gotten McLobsters and saw that I did the same when I sat down, and they made that comment.

As for the price, at this downtown location it was C$11.98 plus tax for the combo (which included fries and a medium drink). But if you’ve read my previous posts about the Western BBQ Burger and Cottage Country Chicken Burger, then you’ll know that I’d mentioned how the prices were different at different locations in British Columbia, based on my personal experiences. I guess I would have to assume at various Langley locations, this McLobster would be perhaps 20-30 cents cheaper than in other B.C. cities.


According to the McDonald’s website, the McLobster would be available only from June 17 to June 30, 2015. Or, until they ran out, I suppose. From what I understand, when McDonald’s had the Western BBQ Burger promotion the week before, several locations were sold out within the first few days. So, if you really want the McLobster (which I don’t recommend at all), then get it quick before it’s sold out!

UPDATE: Once again I have to say I’m disgusted at how that downtown Vancouver McDonald’s does things. I found out two days after that visit that out in Langley, the price of the McLobster combo at one McDonald’s location was “only” C$10.29 plus tax! That’s a huge difference! That’s not the only difference, though. There was actually more lobster in the one I got in Langley. You could actually taste it in this particular sandwich.



McDonald’s “Atlantic” McLobster – C$10.29 for the combo at one Langley, B.C., location

2nd Update: My friend H showed me a couple of pics of the McLobster that she had at another downtown Vancouver McDonald’s location. According to her, the combo price there was only C$9.99 (with the sandwich itself just C$7.49), and the pic she sent me showed that her sandwich was a lot better than the two I had!! What the…!?? Obviously, I was ripped off twice!! In terms of both price and quality! Urgh!!




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