McDonald’s Side Garden Salad (with Burger)


I don’t eat at McDonald’s much but when I do, I always hang on to the receipt. Why? Because there’s a short online survey to fill out and once you complete it, you get a coupon for a burger with free side salad/fries and a regular drink.

So, really, the next time you return to McDonald’s, you get a combo for a cheaper price. No, you’re not going to get rich by saving a couple bucks from this, but still, if you don’t want to pay 10+ bucks or whatever for lunch on a given day, you could take advantage of this survey/coupon.

Anyway, on this particular follow-up visit, I got a McDonald’s meal for C$6.50 including tax when I got the Angus Deluxe combo with a Side Garden Salad and a pop.


The salad came with Balsamic Dressing as well as dried cranberries. Again, not a fancy meal, but if you’ve got only some small change on you (eg. if you’re a poor student), then it’s not bad considering the whole meal was under seven bucks. I mean, I had a regular salad with a pop at McDonald’s some time ago and I recall it was nearly 10 bucks.


* * * * *

Of course, even if you do not wish to keep the receipt to do the online surveys and get the discounts, you can also find coupons on the McDonald’s app on your phone. One drawback, though, is that when you walk in, your phone would automatically join their WiFi network but it takes some time before you get logged in. So, as you’re waiting for that to happen, you can’t access the app’s coupons unless you turn off your WiFi. It can be a bit of a hassle, for sure.

Another comment is the consistency of their prices. In B.C., prices of McDonald’s items are different depending on which location you go to! When I was doing some food runs over the past couple of months in Vancouver, Richmond, and Surrey, I noticed the prices were different – so if you were to bring the “exact change” during a visit, it might not be enough!

For instance, during a few food runs that I did, I found that the Maple & Bacon Poutine cost C$4.59 in one Vancouver McDonald’s but C$4.79 in a Richmond location! Both seemed to be high-traffic areas so it wasn’t like the Richmond McDonald’s that I went to was in a “prime” location.


Also during some food runs, I was asked to pick up a Quarter Pounder with Cheese sandwich and six-piece nuggets using the “Buy One, Get One Free” coupon on the app. I got those identical items in Langley, Vancouver, and Richmond for various people. At the one Langley store, it was C$4.89 plus tax. At two Vancouver locations, C$4.99 plus tax. At the one Richmond location, C$5.19 plus tax. (In all cases, I was charged for the Quarter Pounder and the nuggets were the “free item.”)

True, we’re talking just a few cents here and there, but still, it’s crazy!


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