Hanok Korean Restaurant (Richmond)


Spicy Beef Soup with Vegetables (served with rice and side dishes) – C$12.99


Was in Richmond for a meeting and to run some errands recently, and I stopped by Hanok Korean Restaurant in between for a little meal.

It was around 4:30 p.m. at the time, and only one other table was occupied. It was a loud, obnoxious Taiwanese group at the table across from me. I wish the waitress/server had seated me elsewhere in that big restaurant given that it was practically empty, away from the loud group, but oh well.

I was surprised that the menu had Chinese words first, ahead of the Korean characters…. and the Chinese words were way bigger. Yes, I understood this was Richmond, where there is a large Chinese population, but still… (As an aside, the following day I was chatting with a group of Korean tourists for about three hours, and I showed them the photo of the menu. They know all about the Richmond area, but even they expressed surprise that the Chinese words were bigger on the menu…in a Korean restaurant! When I showed them the picture with the name of the establishment, they explained the Korean characters meant “traditional house.” Later on, I told the same story about the menu to a couple of Chinese people and they simply stated that given the Chinese population in Richmond, Korean restaurants should cater to the Chinese.) Anyway, it seemed the restaurant was operated by Koreans because the waitress spoke Korean with the staff in the kitchen, and also the obnoxious Taiwanese group used broken English (which they spoke very, very loudly) to communicate with the waitress.


I went with the Spicy Beef Soup with Vegetables, wanting something spicy. Hey, after all, Korean dishes are known to be spicy so I wanted to try something hot, even if I didn’t typically eat spicy stuff. As I waited, I had to endure the annoyingly loud talking over at the table across from me. Brutal. To my surprise, the waitress later brought some tea over, but it was 10 minutes after I had been seated! Not that I asked for the tea or even wanted it – since I was having the beef soup – but wow, that was slow!


As I was waiting, the loud group finally settled up and left, leaving me with some peace and quiet at last. Moments later, another customer arrived and she was seated at another table. I don’t know what she ordered, but her food arrived before mine. Oh well. And, as I was still waiting, two separate groups of Chinese customers came in and were seated, and ordered. For me, it seemed like a long wait.


But finally, my food came and, ahhh…, typical of Korean restaurants, the meal was also served with some side dishes. It also came with rice.



And, typical of Korean restaurants, the utensils were made of metal.


The food was pretty good. Not as spicy as I thought it would be, which I enjoyed. The beef was tasty, not chewy at all, and I thought there was enough meat in the soup. It was great!

All in all, it was a satisfying visit. The food was delicious and that was really all that mattered. I felt the wait was a bit long, but oh well, as long as the food was prepared right. Didn’t appreciate the loud talking groups – at the beginning and end of my visit – but oh well, what can you do about that…

Would I visit again? Well, it would be unlikely because I really don’t like eating at places where it’s too noisy, especially with loud, obnoxious people/groups chattering away and I can’t eat in peace. Just annoying.

What: Spicy Beef Soup with Vegetables
Where: Hanok Korean Restaurant, 8400 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC, V6X 3L4
How Much: C$12.99



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